Is Flockr compatible with my website/platform?

Flockr can be integrated client-side or server-side with any site/platform. You can enable Flockr using our javascript tag, the tag collects the data it needs from the page and/or dataLayer. Our professional services will set this up for you. Alternatively you can install the tag via Google tag manager and ecommerce tracking, or server-side via our APIs.

How long does it take to integrate Flockr on my site?

Flockr can be up and running within a couple of days, integration is very straight forward. The tag needs a further couple of days to gather initial social data, then the messages can be switched on.

How much traffic does my site need for Flockr to be affective?

There are no specific minimums level of traffic, though a small site (<10,000 visitors per month) may not see the immediate benefit of social messaging. Given that the concept of social messaging and it’s positive effect on affect on conversion generally, no amount of traffic is too small to benefit.

How do I A/B test Flockr on my website.

We recommend using Google Optimize to A/B test adding Flockr messages to your site. This is a free impartial service that is easy to use from Google. Most organisations will already have Google analytics installed on their site, Google Optimize makes use of this to provide the tests. Our professional services team will help you with running any AB tests to show the ROI delivered by Flockr.

We can also work with any other A/B testing tool already in use.

Does Flockr have its own A/B testing tools?

Whilst we could provide this, we feel it is important that any A/B tests, and therefore ROI figures, are delivered independently by recognised 3rd party A/B testing tools; and given that most sites use Google analytics to track revenue, this ensures that the figures match up with your existing analytics.

Can I add Flockr to my app?

Yes - Flockr works on a simple but powerful REST API, all apps are compatible with this type of API.

Will the social messaging fit my brand look and feel?

You have full control over the look and feel of the social messages on your site. The design of the messages can match any brand guidelines that you have. Our professional services team will manage the setup of the messages in your brand look-and-feel for you.

Will Flockr slow my site down?

Flockr is added to your site using an asynchronous Javascript tag, meaning that it is added after the page loads and does not affect the loading of your site in anyway. The Flockr social messages are delivered to your page in less than 0.2 seconds.

Does Flockr collect my customer’s PII data?

Flockr does not need or collect any of our customer’s PII data. Flockr will only collect anonymous browsing data.

Which location does Flockr store and process the anonymous data it collects?

The collected anonymous data is processed and stored in London UK.

Does Flockr use cookies?

Flockr uses two 1st party cookies that set a random ID for the site visitor, Flockr does not use 3rd party cookies.

Is Flockr compatible with cookie consent solutions?

Flockr is compatible with cookie consent solutions.

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