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The Wisdom of Your Crowd®

The main KPIs for Social Proof Messaging from Flockr

Social Proof: shares collective experiences

People tend to follow the actions and choices of others, especially when they're uncertain about what decision to make. Social Proof provides validation, showing that others have had positive experiences with your products or services.

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Social Proof Messaging

The Wisdom of Your Crowd

Offer genuine insights over sales pitches

We believe in the power of truth and relevance. Our approach isn't about selling harder—it's about illuminating the real value of your e-commerce. That's precisely what our Social Proof feature does: it taps into your e-commerce site in real-time, gathering and sharing authentic data with your customers. This means showcasing which products are genuinely trending and favoured among shoppers just like them, providing a transparent and trustworthy shopping experience.

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Case study: Onsen


The Challenge

Onsen aimed to optimise site conversion and elevate the customer experience by implementing subtle on-brand Social Proof Messaging that instills a greater sense of trust in the brand.

Our goal was to enhance the customer journey and foster a deeper connection with our audience, ensuring their confidence in Onsen's values and offerings. Discover how we transformed the browsing experience to deliver enhanced trust and conversion rates that speak volumes about our commitment to your satisfaction.

The Solution

Flockr introduced Social Proof Messaging across all aspects of the customer journey, and are rolling out messaging to the growing list of brands in the Pattern Brands Group.

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"The most obvious choice for a fully managed service to instantly increase conversion."
Meredith Doherty - Head of E-commerce
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Social Proof Messaging

Offers real-time insights, answering customer questions before they hit 'send'.

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Recommendation Messaging

Suggest relevant products, enhancing the shopping journey and customer satisfaction.

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Search Messaging

Anticipate needs, and guide confident decisions right where shoppers are searching.

Custom growth solutions

Over 20 years of proven retail experience

We use real-time Social Proof Messaging to nudge your audience into becoming satisfied customers. This helps you track performance and gain insights into what drives retention in order to optimise your strategies for maximum impact.

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What our clients say

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“The level of professional service provided was second to none, the team at Flockr were a pleasure to deal with and continue to add value to the overall Flockr experience”

Martin Brown

Founder & Owner - E-Bikeshop

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"The most obvious choice for a fully managed service to instantly increase conversion."

Meredith Doherty

Head of Ecommerce

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"The design of the messaging works really well across different devices and our placements across the site – it really stands out and we’ve seen some great results since!"

Jade Girgensons-Coates

Digital Project & Performance Manager

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"Flockr Social Proof amplifies the effect of other marketing efforts, you spend enough to bring customers to the store, Flockr ensures you convert them"

Charlotte Chapple

Head of Marketing

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