Social Proof Messaging

Reliable insights at every touchpoint

Think of it as the digital version of word-of-mouth marketing. When customers see others engaging with your products, they're more likely to trust your brand and make a purchase themselves.

Guiding users to conversion

The messages we display on your site act similarly to a lively conversation where people excitedly recommend your products or services to others. Each testimonial or review acts as a beacon of trust, guiding hesitant shoppers toward making confident purchasing decisions.

Full Journey Messaging for the best user experience

Transactional Messaging

Keep customers engaged even after the purchase with personalised messaging, driving repeat business and building loyalty.

List & Category Pages

It's like having a personal shopping assistant guiding you through the aisles, pointing out the must-haves and top picks.

Predictive Search

Flockr Search Messaging works alongside any site search technology to improve results on the search popover.

Email Campaigns

Integrate real-time product endorsements, customer reviews, and trending recommendations into your email images to boost click-through rates.

Product Page

Whether it's showing off product features, sharing user reviews, or offering sweet deals, they're designed to catch your eye and make it easy for you to take that next step towards buying.

Basket Page

Encourage completion of the purchasing process with these reminders: limited stock availability, exclusive discounts, items added to their wishlist, recent purchases and positive reviews.

The Wisdom of Your Crowd®

Customisation is key

Machine learning driven results

Our AI analyses vast data sets to continually refine messaging strategies, ensuring optimal results.

For example:

If a user frequently views products in a specific category, the messaging could highlight similar items or showcase popular products within that category.

This personalised approach helps to make the messaging more relevant and engaging for each individual user, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Continuous optimisation

Our intuitive dashboard provides valuable insights into messaging performance, allowing you to make data-driven decisions to improve conversions. Plus, our dedicated Customer Success team is on hand to provide expert guidance and support.

The importance of Real-Time

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, timely insights are essential. With Flockr's real-time data analytics, you'll gain an accurate picture of product popularity and customer sentiment.

Here are the current uplifts our clients are enjoying

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Increase in conversion rate


Increase in revenue

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Increase in conversion rate


Increase in revenue

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Increase in conversion rate


Increase in revenue

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