Social Proof

It’s a game-changer

Think of it as the digital version of word-of-mouth marketing. When customers see others engaging with your products, they're more likely to trust your brand and make a purchase themselves.

The Wisdom of Your Crowd®

With real-time feedback and recommendations, you can guide your customers through their shopping journey, from browsing to checkout, with confidence.

It's like having a built-in sales team, working 24/7 to showcase your products in the best light possible!

Customer-centric Data

By understanding your audience, we refine your offerings

We respect both the business's and the customer's intelligence and time by focusing on providing genuine, useful insights rather than overwhelming them with irrelevant data. It's about creating a more meaningful connection between your offerings and your audience's needs.

Imagine seeing a message like "147 sold in the last hour" instead of a generic "Buy Now" button.

It's subtle yet powerful, creating a sense of urgency and social validation that encourages customers to take action.

With Flockr, you can only go UP

The revenue uplift is immediate and clearly attributed to the Flockr Social Proof deployment.

Tangible results from day one

And the best part?

Social Proof isn't reserved for big brands or tech wizards. Whether you're a small business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur, integrating Social Proof into your website is easy and hassle-free.

What our clients say

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“The level of professional service provided was second to none, the team at Flockr were a pleasure to deal with and continue to add value to the overall Flockr experience”

Martin Brown

Founder & Owner - E-Bikeshop

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"The most obvious choice for a fully managed service to instantly increase conversion."

Meredith Doherty

Head of Ecommerce

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"The design of the messaging works really well across different devices and our placements across the site – it really stands out and we’ve seen some great results since!"

Jade Girgensons-Coates

Digital Project & Performance Manager

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"Flockr Social Proof amplifies the effect of other marketing efforts, you spend enough to bring customers to the store, Flockr ensures you convert them"

Charlotte Chapple

Head of Marketing

Customer Stories